Why More People May Shop on Nov 11 in the Future

Shanghai from Above

You see them everywhere these days – veterans selling poppies to commemorate November 11. Then you see all the headlines about the world’s biggest shopping day. According to Forbes and other sources, China and the rest of Asia are breaking sales records for 11-11. Or as we understand it, the day single people will be purchasing goods in the millions. For a phenomenon that started only in the 90s, one may wonder what implications this date will continue to have on the West. Alibaba supposedly made $3 billion on Nov 11, 2012 and the sales have crushed Cyber Monday ever since. I would imagine whilst the West mourns the sacrifices of their soldiers, many companies are contemplating how to channel their efforts towards the East.

It is an interesting time we live in – one full of contradictions and moral complexity. As someone who’s helped a WWII veteran write his memoirs, and as someone who has visited Dachau, I can say society tends to forget the moments that are not lucrative. However, at the same time I know we cannot romanticize how cultures evolve and how commerce should operate. Will digital marketers in the West focus more on the East with targeted ads? They are already doing this in a frenzy. But, will Nov 11 become overshadowed on Western soil with 11-11? That, only time will tell. With marketers looking to target affluent Chinese visitors in Western countries, things will become a lot more complicated as time progresses.

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